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About Us

Who Are we?​

  • Sounds of Serenity was founded to assist underprivileged youth within the hard of hearing community

  • We provide resources for hearing testing, hearing auxiliary devices and hearing aids to families who would not otherwise be able to afford them

  • We partner yearly with different clinics/resource bases around the country 

  • In addition to financial assistance, mentorship and awareness building is an even larger part of our mission ​

Why Are Our Donors/Partners/Volunteers Important to Us? 

  • The AVERAGE cost of hearing aids is at minimum $1,500

  • Most insurance DOES NOT cover the cost of hearing aids or auxiliary devices for children ages 3-18 (Yes, this essentially means that a child’s family’s income is directly related to a child’s ability to HEAR, SOCIALIZE and LEARN)

  • For many children, a simple solution to severe confidence issues, and improved development are hearing aids.

  • Donations go DIRECTLY to the betterment of quality of life for a child in need.

  • Nearly 1 MILLION children ages 3-18 with a diagnosed hearing loss are unable to afford hearing assistance devices—There is much work to be done!

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