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Embolden &

Our Mission:

To empower children within the hard of hearing community by raising awareness of confidence issues that may arise because of their need for hearing aids. We strive to break the silence for families globally with children in need of a helping hand.

Sounds of Serenity: A Story of Faith

Community Impact & Outreach

Making A Difference Where Difference Is Needed


Hear The Cheers Fund

Communicating effectively with peers is paramount for learning, growth and development of social skills that allow children to function successfully into adulthood. Although the ability to communicate with those around us should be a human right, unfortunately it is not a reality for all. The Hear the Cheers Fund was created to fill in the gaps for families in need, providing financial assistance for hearing testing, hearing aids or other auxiliary devices. Annually, Sounds of Serenity partners with different providers through the fund to make a difference where a difference is needed.

Please check out the link below to learn more about the impact the Hear the Cheers Fund is already making!


Sign With Us Sunday

The most important part of our mission is to raise awareness for issues that affect the hard of hearing community. Sign With Us Sunday is a fun, interactive social media initiative to learn sign language with our followers. As one of our most successful awareness projects, we have successfully found a way to learn more about issues that affect kids in the hard of hearing community and American Sign Language too! Click the link below and join in on the fun!

God Grant Me The Serenity
To Accept The Things I Cannot Change; 
Courage To Change The Things I Can; 
And Wisdom To Know The Difference.

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